How much child maintenance should a father pay in Scotland

The amount of child maintenance a father (or any paying parent) in Scotland should pay depends on a few key factors:

  • The paying parent’s income (NRP – Non-Resident Parent): This is the biggest factor. The more they earn, the more they will likely contribute.
  • The number of children: The number of children you’re paying for affects the percentage used in the calculation.

Here’s a general idea of how much a father might pay:

  • Flat Rate (Earnings under £100 weekly): There’s a flat fee, capped at £5 per week.
  • Reduced Rate (£100-£200 weekly earnings): The percentage varies depending on the number of children:
    • 1 child: 19% of gross weekly income
    • 2 children: 27% of gross weekly income
    • 3 or more children: 33% of gross weekly income
  • Standard Rate (£200-£800 weekly earnings): A lower percentage is applied:
    • 1 child: 12% of gross weekly income
    • 2 children: 16% of gross weekly income
    • 3 or more children: 19% of gross weekly income
  • High Earners (over £800 weekly earnings): The standard rate applies up to £800, then additional calculations are made.

Things to Remember:

  • This is a simplified explanation. Other factors like childcare costs, special needs, and other dependents can affect the final amount.
  • Calculators are a Starting Point: While helpful, online calculators like the one on provide estimates, not exact figures.
  • Agreement is Best: If you and your ex can agree on a fair amount, it saves time and legal fees.
  • Court’s Decision is Final: If you can’t agree, a judge will consider all factors and determine the final child maintenance amount.

Getting Help:

  • A lawyer specializing in family law can offer specific advice for your situation.
  • The Child Maintenance Service can help arrange child maintenance payments.

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